Jul 20, 2014

On Suicidal Thoughts

tom waits suicide

Once you have your first suicidal thought, you've did it, you've won at life. Nothing scares you anymore. Death is just another friend, maybe the only one. You start going through life fearlessly, and thus confidently. You're no longer afraid to take chances, because what's the worst case? You die? You've already been there. It's not that scary. The death of others no longer saddens you. Some may say this is a downside, but I think it's an advantage.

Also, suicidal thoughts usually occur when you hit the bottom, or when you think you did. You think that it can't get worse than this, and if you survived, everything that comes later is by definition better than what you were going through.

Feb 6, 2014

True Love

true love photo

When you're young, and you fall in love for the first time, you think that this is true love. Then you fall in love a second time, and you realize that the first time wasn't true love, this is. And you'll fall in love again and again. Every time realizing that the previous crushes weren't true love.


Dec 24, 2013

Selfishness Vs Selflessness

Everyone is selfish.

Even selfless people who do selfless stuff are selfish, they only do it because it makes them feel good, or because they believe it will make them feel good later.